See what others are saying about RaphaRub . . .

"I’m in shock.  It’s a miracle."


"Repeat customer here.  This stuff is amazing and it is the only way I continue to walk and work everyday."


"I have been using your products personally and recommending them to my Internal Medicine patients."


"Put some on my knee and on some eczema on my leg and it absolutely worked!  My eczema disappeared and my knee quit hurting."


"Very knowledgeable!"


"An amazing product!"


"It has done wonders for [my dog.]  Without it, he can’t move."


"I love your product and I’ve been telling everyone I know when they tell me their neck hurts, their finger hurts, their back hurts.  I eventually give them a small container of it and they too are now hooked!"


"It is one of your happy customers letting you know that I made you another happy customer."


"A friend has a detached tendon, she went to a local shop and purchased another brand (500 mg.), so I thought it would be stronger.  She said she could tell how much better your product was than what she purchased.  You have another satisfied customer."


"I did not expect this to work.  I had multiple issues, an injured shoulder, wore two wrist braces, my right thumb was locked, migraines that start in my neck, arthritis in my ankles, a heel spur that does not allow me to walk much, and daily pain.  I have not worn my wrist braces for months, I’m able to sleep on my left side where my shoulder was causing issues, it gives instant relief to arthritis pain and soreness."


"Takes care of pimples, soreness in my hands that flare up if I crochet, and kitchen burns.  My husband uses it on his knees and when he got sunburned.  I use it on my 91 year old mom’s knees.  My 18 year old dancer daughter uses it also."


"I will keep referring it to friends."


"I love using it on myself and incorporating it in my massages for my clients."


"I know your product works."


"I have plantar faciitis and it is the only thing that has helped with the pain."


"It truly is instant.  I’ve been sharing it with everyone I know and everyone has had the same results."


"[My husband] has had some painful radiation treatments and his skin becomes blistered and it helps him.  Even the burn cream from the doctor didn’t help.  That RaphaRub is like magic.  Nothing else helps."


"I rubbed the ointment on and within minutes the pain subsided."


"My legs always feel like they are on fire, at times it feels like acid is being poured on my legs or through my veins.  I rub the ointment all over my legs and the pain calms down.  It has made a huge difference to me.  May God bless you."


"I still can’t believe it.  This stuff helps so much with my pain.  And it works so fast, it is shocking.  CRPS is notoriously resistant to meds, but this works so well.  This makes my life so much better."


"My husband and I are sold on it.  I’m telling everyone about your rub.  The ones at stores have so many fillers or fragrances that they will not work nearly as well."


"My ACL is completely torn as well as a tear in my meniscus.  It started acting up and brought me tears and not wanting to walk around.  I started using the rub frequently and by mid day I was totally functional.  I can’t even believe how fast.  So now I pretty much can’t live without it.  I’m telling everyone."


"We have already noticed a significant improvement in the mobility of both our dogs who suffer from serious hip and knee joint pain.  Thank you for creating this wonderful product!"


"It’s really calmed down my restless leg."


"Ethical, professional, helpful, great products that work, and realistic “made for everyone” prices."


"Personable service coupled with knowledge and experience is hard to beat."


"I am a massage therapist and several people seem to be helped with your topical."


"Have been texting with my Bible study buddies and we are all excited to have discovered y’all."


"Helps my joint pain.  Thank you for sending timely."


"It works wonders for my migraines and I want my mother to try it out for her arthritis."


"Fibromyalgia.  I rub it on, the pain is gone, almost instant."


"I’m finally pain free."


"No more lower back pain."


"I get bad leg cramps.  It takes away the pain."


"I’ve had pain in my neck for years.  Relief was instant."


"After decades, my wife’s rash cleared up in just 2 days."


"I used it.  Please send 3 more jars for my sisters and mother."


"My neck has loosened up after years.  I’m so happy."


"I’m throwing everything else out.  This is all I need."


"It’s the only thing that works."


"My back, my back.  I started using only RaphaRub and I can’t believe how good it feels."


"I used to swear by [another brand], but it’s going in the garbage."


"Had a migraine for 7 days, put RaphaRub on my temples, and my headache stopped in 2 minutes."


"Severe scoliosis – I am now pain-free for the first time in 10 years."


"Look, I can make a fist and move my fingers."


"Even used it on my forehead – headache gone."


"This is the 1st time I’m without pain between my shoulder blades."


"The soles of my feet don’t hurt anymore."


"Love all the products, they are working great!  The dog treats made my dog Benjamin act like a puppy again."


"I’m finally getting to the end of my supply and it has been such a huge benefit to my running and sleep I don’t want to run out!"


"It has really been helping me sleep.  3 or 4 drops under the tongue and zzzzzzzzzz!"


"My daughter visited me and couldn’t stop crying.  She knows I use a wheelchair because of my knees and sees me walking around my house on a cane."


"I’ve had a migraine for 53 years. I’ve tried everything and told my husband this wouldn’t work. I put it on my temple 20 minutes ago and am without migraine for the first time in 53 years."

"My husband loves it.  We haven’t found anything that helps like this."


"I’ve had arthritis pain in my hand for 10 years. Nothing has helped. I put RaphaRub on and within 2 minutes I had no pain, but that’s not why I’m calling you. I woke up the next morning and, for the 1st time in 10 years, my knuckles have unlocked and I can move my fingers open and closed."


"My doctor recommended your brand."


"I really love your product. Keep up the good work. It is better than anything we can find [locally.]"


"It’s changed my wife’s life."


"Rapha is quite the Healer, indeed! I’m a believer!"


"Please don’t ever stop making RaphaRub."