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the RaphaRub story . . .


We had no intention of creating a business.  My Dad's neuropathy had worsened to the point that his foot pain was so severe, he could not take 3 steps without falling.  He was an active, athletic man, and being relegated to the sofa.  My wife, Journee, would not sit back and watch.  She asked some Amish folks for potential answers. They introduced her to the unique benefits of cannabis. She studied and experimented and came up with a formula for a balm and sent some to her father in Arizona. 

Dad soon announced, after applying some to his feet, that, “I was able to take 6 steps today, but don’t get excited.”  That was in 2017.  Now, he goes fishing, painted his house on ladders, does gardening, got a new dog, and brags that he walks his dog twice a day, a mile each time.

Word spread here and there and with the help of some pastors, we were getting requests for samples from across the country, for which we were glad to send out mini-Tupperware-containers-full to anyone that asked. The testimonials came quickly and someone asked, “Hey, can I buy some of this from you?”  RaphaRub was born.


We know it helped with pain of neuropathy and soon learned from RaphaRub users that it was effective for so much more (we had no idea).  Fibromyalgia, deep muscle/joint/bone/tendon pain, arthritis, inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, acne, scoliosis, sciatica, even headache/migraines and severe menstrual cramps.  Then we heard about how it relieved glaucoma, how people were forestalling surgeries, gaining range of movement in knuckles, knees, shoulders.  Almost everyone reported relief in less than 10 minutes and that, the more they used RaphaRub, the less they needed it.


RaphaRub and its line of products are on a steep growth curve and we measure success, not by revenue, but by the number of people that have found relief (and the goosebumps we get from the heart-warming stories we receive daily).


About Us


RaphaRub was developed, as are so many things, out of a desperation to help my Dad’s poor health.  He was unable to walk due to neuropathy.  Dad was a very athletic, active man and was devastated to fall down every time he tried to take a few steps.  So devastated that he wanted to commit suicide.


I vowed not to allow a bad end to my Dad’s great life and began to research solutions.  Truthfully, I began by speaking with Amish folks – I realized that they are among the healthiest groups in America.  Together we came up with the recipe and the methodology for creating a topical relief balm.


I eagerly sent some to Dad.  After 3 days, he called to let me know he took 6 steps, but to not get my hopes up.  Months later, he got a dog and let me know he walks it every day.  Just last month, he bragged that he finished painting the outside of his home using ladders.  He doesn’t run marathons but he is active now, walks, goes fishing, and is, once again, enjoying life.  I was so excited.


Little by little, word began to spread and I started sending jars of my concoction to people with persistent pains or aches.  To their amazement, they found instant relief, sometimes after decades of suffering and searching for help to no avail.  I needed to make more, up to a dozen jars at a time.  It was great fun!  Dozens of jars expanded to hundreds and before long, I was shipping across country, getting tear-filled testimonials every day.


RaphaRub was born!  (“Rapha” means “to heal” in Hebrew.)  I maintain small-batch formulation and closely control quality of ingredients and process.  It is a bigger thrill than I could imagine to learn about and watch so many wonderful people find relief from pain, aches, skin irritations and rediscover joy of life!



Our team members:

Journee Jacobs, Founder

Journee is a passionate, spiritual, giving citizen of planet earth.  She is a successful entrepreneur, has had a meaningful career as sales professional, and is best-known for her soulful, yet angelic voice and songwriting.  A “top 10” country music artist, she is most proud of her adult children, first grandchild, and strong marriage.  She lives to bring support to all corners of our world so RaphaRub fits perfectly into her life path.


Ron Baron, Business Manager

Ron has been a senior executive in corporate America, national business leader, and motivational speaker.  He volunteers for national non-profits that help forward entrepreneurial spirit and is responsible for helping hundreds start the businesses of their dreams, grow existing ventures, and remediate hurting organizations.  Ron has received multiple awards from mayors, governors, and the U.S. Small Business Administration for his mentoring of business owners.  His frequent keynote addresses have earned him the reputation of “the counter-intuitive guy,” bringing his surprising success principles to audiences across the country with power, humor, and warmth.


Tanner “BassInk,” Direct Sales Manager
Tanner is an international Beatbox competitor.  He keeps us and our clients immersed in music and enjoys meeting and offering relief to everyone he gets to meet.


Jacob Trimble, Client Experience Director
Jake is a popular author, v-blogger, and effective manager. Your positive experience is his utmost goal, and once you get to know Jake, you’ll quickly learn that he never misses the mark.